Three minutes of golden retriever madness that will make your day

Goofy and gorgeous – golden retrievers make for wonderful companions, family pets and frankly, some highly entertaining internet content.

Goldies are quite possibly TikTok’s favourite breed, with videos of the lovable dogs amassing more than 15.2 billion views on the video sharing app.

From wallowing in mud baths to being typical greedy goldens, scoffing their snacks or stealing the limelight – here are 11 retrievers that are sure to make you laugh out loud.

During the summer heatwave, one golden retriever took full advantage of the Granary Square fountains at Kings Cross, London.

The viral video saw the pup plodding through the water jets trying to chomp at all 1,080 of them.

This dog certainly knows how important it is to stay hydrated, with dozens of Londoners enviously watching on as he cooled himself off in the fountain.

Barney the golden is in love with another dog in his neighbourhood, called Red – and he kisses her every day on his walk.

Whilst social distancing might have been a thing for humans, there was nothing stopping these lovebirds during lockdown.

The puppy is obsessed with the terrier, and hops up onto the garden wall to give her a smooch, with Red happy to oblige.

Barney and his lady-friend’s fans are calling for the dogs to go on a date.

Having enjoyed the 2020 Olympics so much, Riley the golden gave ‘greatest of all time’ gymnast Simone Biles a run for her money with his own impressive skills.

In fact, Riley should change his name to ‘roly’ for those 10/10 forward rolls.

The one-year-old pup has been showing off his gymnastics on TikTok, where one video has racked up more than half a million views.

Riley can be seen trying to grab his tail with his mouth, and manages to flip himself over in the process, becoming his signature party trick.

In an adorable clip, PhiPhi smiles at her owner before returning to look through her fence hole, with the overlaying text that reads: “I love spying on my bestie next door.”

The dog’s owner takes the camera to show viewers what she found so interesting on the other side of the fence. And of course, sitting on the terrace is next door’s Samoyed, who now makes regular guest appearances on their account.

A greedy golden retriever sent viewers into fits of giggles after gobbling up a slice of cheese at lightning speed.

Her owner presents her with a slice of cheese, giving her dog very specific instructions to only take a small bite, even demonstrating what she means by small.

But clearly not understanding the rules, the cheeky pup quickly scoffs the entire slice, much to her owner’s dismay.

Obviously, it was the cheese’s fault – how was the poor pup to know?

Sibling rivalry saw golden retrievers Gamja and Chip, from Orange County, California, caught in a hilarious argument over a chew toy.

Mischievous puppy Chip tries to take his older sibling’s treat, but Gamja – who’s name means potato in Korean – is not amused one bit.

After trying to negotiate a trade deal, the golden’s bicker it out, despite the fact Chip had, in fact, already eaten his own chew.

The argument results in a game of tug of war with the treat before sharing it between them.

Mango gained lots of sympathy from amused viewers when her owner put the pup on a diet.

The golden was furious when she saw her portion sizes cut, after strict instructions from the vet.

A viral TikTok video saw Mango’s owner pour a measly cup of food into a big dog bowl as the dog pauses, clearly expecting more is on the way.

But when Mango realises that’s all she’s getting for dinner she flashes her owner a desperate look that turns into scowl.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the golden retriever, with one user commenting: “Omg those eyes are breaking my heart, my love.”