Animal Origami for the Enthusiast



The centuries-old art of origami  Japanese paper folding  produces remarkable paper creations that exhibit extraordinary realism and delicate beauty. Enthusiasts of this wonderful craft will welcome this challenging collection of paper sculptures designed by John Montroll, renowned origami expert.



Origami has helped teach patience, accuracy, and concentration. It remains a fun, rewarding, and fascinating hobby for young and old alike. Papercrafters who have mastered the basic folds of origami will find hours of enjoyment and personal satisfaction creating this parade of charming paper models. Animal Origami for the Enthusiast will challenge the intermediate level folder, as well as inspire the beginner to hone their paper folding skills.

  • Projects in this origami book can be formed by folding a single square sheet of paper; no cuts, no glue, no tape.
  • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions and hundreds of diagrams explain how to fashion each of these intriguing sculptures.
  • This book uses the international Yoshizawa ─ Randlett method of notation to describe the paper folds of origami models.
  • Includes symbols and basic folds; patterns progress from the simple angelfish to the complex and fascinating lobster.
  • Internationally renowned author John Montroll offers meticulously developed folding sequences that allow paper crafters to create better models with fewer steps.