The Ultimate Origami Book



The Ultimate Origami Book features twenty step-by-step projects with clear illustrations to show you how to make stunning paper creations featuring different kinds of animals, plants, and objects. Along with every origami project comes a special border design that matches some of the beautifully patterned, high-quality craft paper in the back of the book, so you know which pieces of origami paper to use for which project.



Flip to the back of the book to find the 184 pages of easy-to-remove, beautifully patterned folding paper to use for all your origami projects. There are multiple sheets of each color and pattern so you can make the projects again and again—or share them with a friend. Tear, fold, and bring to life a Lotus Flower, Raccoon Dog, Wise Owl, Majestic Horse, Cherry Blossom, Sly Fox, and more! The projects range in skill level, from Very Easy if you’re just getting started, to Easy and Intermediate, so origami enthusiasts of any age will find something fun to make.

From fish, foxes, and dogs to boats, sumo wrestlers, and even Mount Fuji—this exciting, one-of-a-kind paper folding guide has it all!

With 20 amazing step-by-step projects to try, easy-to-follow diagrams to learn from, and 184 colorfully patterned perforated pages to easily pull out and fold, you’ll be on your way to becoming an origami pro with The Ultimate Origami Book.